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  • Web Text Extractor  v.1.0Tired of select-copy-paste from internet web pages to collect material? Web Text Extractor can help you! It can easily extract,collect,store and manage text/html from web pages,filter invisible characters and give you a clean text when necessary!
  • 2-Alt Desktop-web text indexer  v.4.1.8-XPThis program is a text indexer (desktop web search software), created to store and quickly find documents and files by using the words contained in the files as key search. Basically, it works as a small search personal engine with two functions: -- ...
  • Horizon Web Text  v. loading program with a clean interface and useful text editing features that speeds up the creation and maintenance of web pages. Templates and include fileswith macros, project features, multi-file search and replace, color highlighting, spell ...
  • Web Text eXtraction and analysis Tools  v.1.0Web Textual eXtraction Tools C++ Parallel web crawler, noun phrase idenification, Multi-lingual Part of Speech Tagging, Tarjan's Algorithm, Co-RelationShip Mappings...
  • Web Copyrighter  v.1.1Secretly protect web text content from theft with hidden information.Secretly leave your 'Mark\ on any HTML web page or site, Blogs, RSS feeds, Unicode text and more! Get the legal tools you need to pursue and stamp out illegal use of your content!
  • Read Aloud  v. Aloud is a free Text to Speech software that reads aloud text from various sources, especially from The Web. Read Aloud provides webpage text reading, which no other Text To Speech software provides (for free). It has an inbuilt Web Text ...
  • Advanced HTML Protector  v.3.0Protect your hard work on the web (text, links, graphics, HTML) from being stolen by cyber-thieves. Disable right mouse click, text selection, page printing, offline use, drag-and-drop, links display, etc.
  • WiKo  v.1.0Wiko, the wiki compiler, compiles wiki like files into html and LaTeX, combining easy wiki syntax, your preferred non-web text editor and svn/cvs control to write static webs, cientific articles or even blogs.
  • Extract Data & Text From Multiple Web Sites Software  v.7.0This software offers a solution to users who want to extract lines that contain specified text from one or more web sites.
  • Horizon Text & HTML Project Workshop  v.1.28Horizon Text & HTML Workshop provides the tools you need to manage Text & HTML projects. Has Multiple Document Interface, word processor, HTML tag Auto-complete, re-wrap/re-format, quotes/taglines manager, personal note pad, and many other feature ...
  • Horizon Text & HTML Project Workshop  v.1.44Horizon Text & HTML Workshop provides the tools you need to manage Text & HTML projects. It has a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), in which you can organize your documents into projects, a full featured word processor, HTML tag Auto-Complete, ...
  • Text Tree  v.1.2.1Text Tree is a unique outline based text editor. It can be used for quick creation of FAQs, lesson plans, outlines, biographies, and much more. I wrote it because I needed a tool to help design documents the way I think.
  • TextQuickSave  v.1.1TextQuickSave is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool help you collect, save, organize and edit text when doing web surfing. It can also be used as a note tool on desktop.
  • ColorPix  v.2.1.20Color codes are show as the cursor is moved in the ColorPix window. Cursor click displays the color code in web Hex, decimal Red, Green, Blue, and the color compliment. The ColorPix screen can be pasted from the clipboard or read from a file.
  • Advanced Web2Pic Free  v.6.1Free Save and Convert website/htm/html to doucment and image ...
  • Mergemill Pro  v.4.8Mergemill Pro is a versatile data processing tool and static website generator. It works by merging templates with data feeds to generate the desired output.
  • OmegaEdit  v.1.3Write PHP, HTML, and CSS code with autocomplete and context help. Edit multi-megabyte documents in a tabbed interface. Open recent files with one click, view files in a browser with one keystroke. Setup favourite folders and localhost root dirs.
  • PowerTalk  v.1.2.14PowerTalk automatically speaks Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Save Multiple Web Sites As Text Files Software  v.7.0Save the content of one or many web site(s) as text file(s).
  • Extract Data & Text From Multiple Web Sites Software  v.7.0Extract the text you want from the web. Extract from multiple sites at once. Extract lines from a web site that contains or does not contain certain characters. Extract text between two characters repeatedly throughout the ...
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